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xpress stores

Xpress Stores is a wordpress plugin that will help you create an e-commerce store. Xpress Stores works in collaboration with the Alibaba platform in order to locate products that are easy to sell and helps find ready traffic and customers. Within less than two minutes, you can have your e-commerce site operational. The product is not restricted to any particular niche; additionally, it works for any market that the user would like to explore.

Initially, you need to find the products that you wish to sell. In order to do this you make use of the import options. These are some of the import options available to you.

  1. Bulk import: in this option, you locate and filter products in large numbers to your site in order to create an affiliate store rapidly.
  2. Manual Import: This option provides you with the advantage of locating products and subsequently filtering and selecting products that are appropriate to your site.
  3. Auto import: this option provides a time schedule in releasing the products you have filtered and selected to your website. In addition, the sale can be done at selected intervals based on your preference. This choice is appropriate for e-commerce auto pilot affiliate websites.

How it works?

Watch the demo video below to see Xpress Stores in action and have a look at its functionally and features.

Features of Xpress Stores

  • Product Synchronization
    This feature allows the site owner to set up pricing updates for the products on the site; for instance, there can be updates for products that are on sale.
  • Filtering
    This feature allows customers that visit your site to filter products based on their pricing or type.
  • Short codes
    The feature allows you to copy the desired product short codes available on the dashboard and subsequently paste them in your blog post. When this is done, you get a banner on your blog post with your affiliate id that allows for commissions.
  • Credit score
    This feature allows you, the site owner to filter and import products from those sellers who have shown a reputation of high credit scores.
  • Live stats
    The feature allows you to view the number of products loaded in your site. Additionally, you find out the number of clicks there have been on your site that have been redirected to the AliExpress based on products from your site.
  • Auto updates
    You can schedule automatic updates on a weekly or hourly basis based on your preference using this product feature.
  • Featured products
    This feature helps place featured products on the sidekick section to show you which of these have converted well.
  • Themes
    You are free to choose the type of theme that best suits the products on your site.
  • Descriptions
    Stores do the import of product descriptions automatically.

Why you should buy it?

With Xpress Stores, you are assured of making money within the first two minutes of setting up a site. You need not create your own products and you do not need to keep inventory.

The system helps you locate products from any niche that are selling inside Alibaba from reputable sellers. Once you locate them, you can display these products in your ecommerce website.

Once you have completed this set up, Xpress Stores directly, imports the products form your site including full description. Additionally, your affiliate IDs are embedded and you are well on your way to earning commission.

Extra Bonus

As usual, I'll give the extra bonuses for those who buys products through my site. To claim this bonuses, after completing the transaction, kindly forward the receipt to me at: [email protected]

Package 1 (For who buy front-end)

  • Instagram Domination -
  • Shopify Store Pro –
  • Build My List 2.0 –
  • Social Ad Classroom ($497) - (archived)

Package 2 (For who buy OTO)

  • Dropship Lifestyle 4.0 (2016 version) –
  • CPA Masters Academy –

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