Top 10 Cloud-Based SEO Softwares

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SEO is a great way to encourage traffic from the natural web searches in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing into your own website. If you take SEOs seriously, then you may need a lot of SEO softwares and software for you to get the best results, but this can have some setbacks. Having many softwares and programs installed in your system may eat up a huge chunk of your RAM and may cause your system to slow down.

Good news is that there are available SEO softwares that are now cloud based. The cloud refers to a remote storage (as in web storage) that may be accessed to store your data without consuming any space in your own RAM. There are many cloud based SEOs now and many people opt to use them not only because it saves them from a sluggish system, but also saves you the sweat of installing and setting the programs up. SEOs do not require any payment unlike paid ads in search engines, but softwares may cost a little depending on the type of subscription or purchase.

Here are top 10 SEO softwares that you may try to help you get rid of the old and cluttered softwares in your system.

1. Positionly


Price ranges from $19 to $199 monthly. This software enables you to track down as well as improve the ranking of your website against other competitors. You can also access your website data with Integrated Google analytics and analysis and comparison of keywords. With Position, you can also keep track of the analysis of your competitors and watch out for the best competitors out on the web.

2. WebCEO Online


Price starts at $69 monthly. Web CEO online is an software that is suitable for windows platforms. This is a cloud based software that works well in individuals, teams or business to business set up solutions. A monthly subscription which includes 8 tools useful for link building, monitoring of website, keyword search, team collaboration tools and white-label SEO tool. It also enables data integration through Web CEO API.

3. Colibri


Price ranges from $49 to $499 per month. This cloud based SEO software is perfect for maximum conversion rates. With Colibri, you can get your keywords checked, get your back links analyzed, and even get a substantial monitoring of your competitors. It also helps in locating the population of prospective customers in different sites (such as social media sites) while also giving customized solutions regardless of size, startup, e-commerce, and industries.

4. Analytics SEO

Analytics SEO

Price ranges from $169 to $839 monthly. This is a SAAS (software as a service) with a multilingual analytics system, has a wide array of tools such as automated daily auditing, backlink data analysis, and keyword research. It even has an instant Power point report feature to enable you to better understand the statistical analyses.

5. Authority Labs

Authority Labs

Price ranges from $49 to $450 monthly subscription charges with customized Enterprise packages available. This software can be accessed by unlimited number of users and also includes a hundred percent white label and daily monitoring. The features tools that can be used to analyze page rank and competitor keywords, analysis of number of competition in sites, analysis of keyword and keyword density, Keyword reporting and performance and data tracking. It also enables you to access an easy assessment of reports including back links, keywords, and other data.

6. Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger

Price starts at $99 monthly charges for monthly subscription with customized Enterprise packages available. This software is useful in searching for methods to best encourage traffic to your website, either by natural (free, organic) searches or through paid ads (pay per click). Rank ranger is packed with tools such as search engine ranking tracker, back link monitor, and page rank progress monitor. It also enables you to see the market shares from you and your competition.

7. Conductor’s SearchLight


Custom price packages for Enterprise. This software uses integrated analytics, custom work spaces and scheduled reports to help you find new strategies in directing search traffic to your site. It also features backlink analysis and search analysis for you and your competitors as well as monitoring of search visibility. Search visibility is maintained through an accelerated delivery of keywords, URLs, social media and web pages.

8. BrightEdge

Bright Edge

Brightside is an Enterprise SEO and prices are available at customized rates. This platform boasts helpful and practical user-friendly features such as forecast of search opportunities, social SEO and Social Keyword recommendations, SEO integrated analytics, and a wide coverage of SEO content such as local, global, social and mobile SEOs.

9. UpCity


Price starts at $19.99 monthly. This software, formerly DIYSEO, is ideal for individual users with small websites and businesses. This is great for beginners as it has user friendly step by step guide on SEO strategies and processes which will surely be helpful for newbies. This site is popular among starters which is very helpful in building a high ranking website.

10. WebSEO Analytics

SEO Analytics

Price starts at $39.44 monthly. This site features tools that are also common to most SEOs. Some of the feature includes backlink analysis, keyword research and analysis, competitor monitoring and analysis, link builders, data audit, and strategic analysis of website campaign. The tools in WebSEO Analytics are based on the three-step current site positional analysis.

Websites are now among the very popular trends including web based businesses and enterprise. These types of enterprise solutions move the life of the web community. Together with cloud based programs and systems, the structure of these businesses are able to expand and cater to the needs of people better. With the popularity of internet and the dependence of people to online information and services, this industry is sure to be a good place to invest knowledge on.


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