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QuarkChain ICO Review

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Well basically QuarkChain wants to build a blockchain focused on scalability and security. They will use two protocalls or layers that faciliate transactions. In all honesty it’s a bit complicated and I would suggest heading to their website if you really want to read about it in depth.

They talk about a root layer and a sharding layer and it’s a bit complicating and technical. In order to understand what QuarkChain really wants to do you actually have to understand the physics behind this project.

For example. Quarks in physics are actually composite particles or protons and neutrons. They are the foundational building blocks of all matter. In this context it simply means it does not have a substructure and cannot be split.

On the scalability side we have the sharding layer within QuarkChain. So all minor blockchains or shards process a subset of all transactions on the QuarkChain blockchain independently. As the number of shards increases so to does the number of transactions. Which can be processed concurrently.

On the security side we have the root layer which confirms all the blocks in the shards by including the block headers in the root blocks.

In other words the root layer confirms all blocks from the sharded chains but does not process transactions itself.

That being said I’m not going to say much else about that. I’ve never been a huge science fan and I certainly don’t want to have to understand physics to do an ICO review.

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