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WP Proficom Review

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Proficom is an e-commerce program that can help traders in making their own online stores. It is a far much more advanced e-commerce program compared to the programs that already existed in the market before it. The program is very easy to use and enables a trader to build an online store within the shortest time possible.

The program combines a powerful word press plugin and training that can enable a user’s customers set up e-commerce stores with high quality features. The e-commerce stores built can then be used for selling one’s own products or for creating a store for drop-shipping or for sourcing one’s own products from AliExpress. Proficom suite consists of:

  • A WordPress plugin that enables one to search through AliExpress very quickly for relevant offers to be sold from ones store or for posting ones Woocommerce store.
  • A Basic Video Course that shows one how to set up their Woocommerce and how to use Proficom with it.

Features & Benefits

  • Ability to turn wordpress into very powerful e-commerce stores and more to that the user will not have to pay large tons of money every month for rent or commissions to plugin owners or shopify. With Proficom, one can obviously make more profits every month.
  • Detailed video for training new users everything about proficom from the setup through integration of powerful plugins, customization of themes, Facebook advertisements, product sourcing, video advertisements and viral marketing to pricing techniques.
  • WordPress plugin is a unique and very powerful one which can help the user find very profitable products and post them to their e-commerce stores by just clicking once.
  • By integration with wordpress and DUses Woocommerce, Proficom allows many users a familiar ecosystem since very many people are already proficient with use of wordpress. This allows a user’s customers to get started in a very short time.

How it works?

Watch the demo video below to see Proficom in action and have a look at its functionally and features.

Why should you buy it?

  1. Setting up the Woocommerce shop using the Proficom plugin is very cheap. The proficom training is actually free.
  2. The plugins are of very low costs and the costs do not recur. A user does not need to keep sharing your hard earned profits with anyone.
  3. Proficom is more popular than any other e-commerce platform in the world at the moment. Proficom with Woocommerce give you an advantage of enhanced reliability.
  4. A user has the lucky chance of working within their favorite environment – wordpress. Users do not have to struggle with complicated and new programs.
  5. Proficom allows you to fully control your own e-commerce store. Users do not have to depend on third parties and have endless worries about the ability of the service.
  6. User has a chance of getting free and very comprehensive training that will increase his or her proficiency in not only proficom but also many other online programs.
[wpsm_promobox background=”#f8f8f8″ highligh_color=”#fb7203″ highlight_position=”left” button_link=”https://www.bryansreviews.com/go/wpproficom.com” button_text=”Purchase Now” title=”TAKE ACTION NOW!” description=”WP Proficom will be launched on February 08th, at 11:00 EST. The price at that time is only $15.95, so if you intend to buy it, please act now because the price will increase day by day. And when you buy through this page, you will receive the bonuses which I mention as below.” ]

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Extra Bonus

As usual, I'll give the extra bonuses for those who buys products through my site. To claim this bonuses, after completing the transaction, kindly forward the receipt to me at: [email protected]

Package 1 (For who buy front-end)

  • Instagram Domination - http://igdomination.com
  • Shopify Store Pro – https://shopifystorepro.com
  • Build My List 2.0 – http://buildmylist.com
  • Social Ad Classroom ($497) - http://socialadclassroom.com (archived)

Package 2 (For who buy OTO)

  • Dropship Lifestyle 4.0 (2016 version) – https://www.dropshiplifestyle.com
  • CPA Masters Academy – http://cpamastersacademy.com
Azizan Mansor - April 18, 2016


I am interested. But how do I purchase and get the bonus?

Azizan Mansor - April 19, 2016

I have already forwarded the receipt to your email.

Jati - April 28, 2016


Is it still available? including bonus?

    Bryan Macklin - April 29, 2016

    Hi Jati,

    My bonuses is still available. When your purchase was successful, plz forward the receipt to my email, I will send the bonuses for you.


uban - July 31, 2016

Hi ,
Is it still available? including bonus?


    Bryan Macklin - August 1, 2016

    Hi Uttam,

    My bonuses for this product is still available. If you purchase it through my link, please forward the receipt to me at [email protected], I will give you the bonuses.



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