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5 Popular WordPress Email Subscription Plugins [Free & Premium]

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If you want your online business to be successful, you need to have a robust email subscription list. Apart from driving more traffic to your page, a powerful email subscription list also allows you to create a stronger bond with your audience. It is a perfect marketing strategy for any business regardless of the niche, and it can enable you to rake high online profits effectively. Having a robust email subscription list gives you an upper hand when convincing your trusted audience about your products, and this makes the conversion rather easy.

Getting more subscribers is not a walk in the park and it is a real nightmare for many. Opt-in forms that are professionally designed along some enticing incentives to subscribe are very helpful while developing email list opt-ins. To attract more and more visitors, ensure that the opt-in form on your website has the maximum visibility.

The market has a significant number of free and premium plugins that enable you to add opt-in forms in visible locations on your WordPress-enabled website. You just need to choose the best free and premium WordPress email subscription plugin that can help you come up with a powerful email subscription list. Some of these plugins are listed below.

CovertPlug – Premium ($27)

Looking for a list building plugin with exceptional features at an unbelievably pocket-friendly price? ConvertPlug is definitely what you need to transform your website into a list building powerhouse. It has fully customized popups that can help you convert your visitors into subscribers in a matter of minutes.

ConvertPlug is with no doubt a world-class WordPress popup plugin that comes with more than 12 distinct visitor behavior triggers and over 10 different popup display positions. The list of its incredible features does not end here. Using this plugin offers you more than 100 professionally designed readymade templates all made specifically for you to boost your conversion rate. Other essential features of this widely used plugin in the world include opt-in popup, exit popup, video popup, slide-in popup, embedded forms, social popups, info bars, two step opt-ins, user inactivity trigger, page level targeting, referral detection, import and export and many more others. These must-have features are the surest way to take your email subscription list to the next level.

OptinMonster – Premium (Single site $49)

OptinMonster has some great features that have placed it in the category of the most sought after plugins for successful list building. The features offered by this highly responsive plugin include high converting template library, eight distinct types of opt-in forms, page level targeting, 2-step opt-in technology, exit intent technology, eye-grabbing popup animations, scroll triggered opt-in forms and popups timed popups, simple integration with over 19 email marketing software and many more others.

Compared to other plugins in the market, OptinMonster is more expensive, and this makes it not ideal for beginners. However, if you have a higher budget for an all-in-one WordPress plugin for list building, then go for OptinMonster. It is among the best maintained WordPress plugins with new innovative added every day. If you want to invest in one premium plugin, then don’t look for anything else other than OptinMaster.

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Thrive Leads – Premium (Single site $67)

Thrive Leads is a WordPress plugin that is HTML supported and comes with a full money back guarantee in addition to the benefit of keeping it for free. The plugin has all the essential opt-in forms that are required to build a strong email subscription list. They include ribbon-style forms, slide-in forms, scroll mat, 2-step opt-in buttons and full-screen forms. It also offers features such as exit intent, scroll triggers, SmartExit and API integrations with most popular email services among others.

The vast array of forms together with in-built drag-and-drop editor offer you the flexibility of creating and displaying opt-in forms on your site. Although the main features promoted by Thrive Leads are related to conversion optimization, they also emphasize the fact of automatically hiding an opt-in form for the visitors who have already subscribed. The plugin also has powerful analytics and exquisite ready-to-use templates that allow you to come up with a powerful email list.

SumoMe – Free

SumoMe is an ideal plugin for displaying popups for WordPress users as it is easy to use and absolutely free. Downloading the plugin is also very easy as you just need to visit the SumoMe website. After installing it, you are required to register with SumoMe for free. With these simple steps, you are ready to start using the popup function in your site. You can use its list builder app to create a beautiful lightbox popup that offers significant help in building email subscriptions with most prominent email service providers.

Other useful features in the free version of SumoMe include Share, Welcome Mat, Scroll Box, heat maps, Highlighter, Smart Bar, Image Sharer, full HTML control, email subscription statistics and much more. Are you a beginner blogger looking to create a strong email list without having to spend any money? SumoMe plugin is not only perfect for you, but it will also make your blogging dreams valid.

Icegram – Free

The free version of Icegram plugin has some amazing features to offer that you won’t find in any other free WordPress plugin. These features enable you to create popups, messenger popups, action bars (top or bottom), and toast notifications. You can create one popup from a collection of six popups with beautiful designs depending on your preferences.

This plugin also has some notable shortcomings that include lack of visual builder and the inability of customizing button colors and backgrounds meaning that your choice is only restricted to the templates offered.

Despite the drawbacks, Icegram is a plugin that you should use as it makes it extremely easy to create targeted campaigns. With this plugin, you can configure the appearance of a popup including after what time, on which pages, between what dates and on the devices it should be displayed. Most importantly, Icegram is compatible with almost all email marketing software and all lead/form capture plugins.

Take Away

If you are aspiring to build a strong email list that will help you increase your online business’s revenue, then you can’t afford to fail to use a popup plugin. With many of them offered in the market, you need to choose only the best that meets your needs. When choosing the best plugin, there are two important considerations:

  • A feature-rich popup plugin that is capable of adding significant value to your business and ultimately increasing your conversion rate to a great extent.
  • Pay a price for you to get the best plugin. Note that you should never compare the extra revenue generated by a bigger email list to what you paid for the popup plugin. Instead, just consider it a good investment.
  • If you are a beginner, first try some good free popup plugins. Once you have tested the waters and your conversion rate continues to grow necessitation you to add extra functionality, then you should consider using a premium popup plugin.

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