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FunnelStak Review

January 9, 2016 Bryan Macklin LEAVE A COMMENT

Having your product online is not enough. Knowing how to sell and how to sell it effectively is what matters the most. A majority of people have been struggling to make a profitable sale funnel of their products simply because of the approach they use to market their brands or products. However, the secret of […]

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Training Courses

eCom Edge Review

December 1, 2015 Bryan Macklin LEAVE A COMMENT

Ever wanted to be an Amazon super-seller without having to purchase $1,000+ eCom lessons? Then you should check out eCom Edge by Joshua Zamora and Ryan Martin. Ryan and Zamora have poured all their knowledge and experience of e-commerce and a distinctive approach into eCom Edge and created the content and designed it into a […]

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Softwares & Tools

Shopitect Review

November 16, 2015 Bryan Macklin LEAVE A COMMENT

In recent years, the information technology has developed quickly. Amid periods, programming and items are designed and changed rapidly to address the issues of clients.┬áTo getting a handle on the needs of clients and the deficiencies of the items and programming as well as to grasping the needs of users and the shortcomings of the […]

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Softwares & Tools

Social Suite Review

November 14, 2015 Bryan Macklin LEAVE A COMMENT

Whether an organization exists as a profit-making or a non-profit making organization, the social impact it creates is of great importance. The presence of the organization is felt and determined by the response it gets as a result of interaction with the clients and the outside world. One way to measure the social outcome is […]

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