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As you all know about MassPlanner, recently closed and we don’t have any other good alternative at that time. After few months GramDominator released the perfect and best alternative to a mass planner.

Gram Dominator1

Did you see the amazing part of the software?

Let me confirm:

  • You can add bulk accounts and provide them proxy.
  • Auto Check feature to load Instagram accounts
  • Gain Followers section – where you plan for follow and Unfollow task
  • Instaposter – Comes with Poster, repost, Delete Post. (Poster is good if you have quotes profile), (repost is like a god for me, I don’t need to post manually on Instagram, just assign the account and repost will take the images and post it to my account).
  • Like/Comment- Automatically likes comments and many more task. (It also supports custom id likes features)
  • Insta Scrape – Using this you can scrape users related to your niche. Also, you can scrape images.
  • Insta Chat – mass DM to all, ooh the $$$ feature to drive traffic to my landing pages.
  • Campaigns – This section shows are your running campaigns. Here you can easily manage your task.

GramDominator Interface

  • Super Feature an Activity Log – Suppose you started a campaign and want to know what it’s working on currently. Then this will show you the real time activity of your task.

Now you might be feeling same what I feel. Simple and easy. Right ?

And yeah also I tested this software with 10 accounts. So I must say it doesn’t even a mess for me and working like a charm.

For a complete automation, I set the software on Google RDP, so it runs 24 hrs on complete automation and I am growing while I am napping.

Some More Features Of GramDominator

GramDominator Features

These are some more extra features of GramDominator.

GramDominator Features1

You know what, after seeing the features I don’t even take a single minute to go with GramDominator. And yeah I grabbed it and started working out.

They are providing almost all not almost, 100% all features which we want. What do you say?

You may express your feelings in a comment.

I am sure you are making mood to go with GramDominator, but before you go, you must follow the Instagram limitations to keep your account safe.

Limits Should Be Followed

Followers Limit: Usually Instagram allowed to follow 1000 people a day. But if you are a newbie then don’t behave like a robot. Keep account safe. If it is mine case, then I’d only follow 50-100 peoples/2 hours. But I don’t cross the limit 1000.

Top GramDominator Alternatives

  1. InstaZood
  2. LikeSocial
  3. Javree
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