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ConjureGram is the first true 100% cloud ‘all-in-one’ Instagram marketing solution that can auto-schedule posts, auto-comment, auto-like photos, auto-follow relevant people, and more. Instagram is still relatively unsaturated, and this is the first software that allows you do everything needed to grow your account (including editing images AND videos) fully in the cloud. There’s no desktop apps, browser extensions, or 3rd party apps needed!

A solution like this is normally SaaS based with a large monthly fee cost to maintain it, but today only you can get special ‘founders access’ for no monthly fees. Don’t lose out on your massive opportunity.

Users can build their following from 100% scratch with our auto-follower/auto-liker features, then with our built-in editors, create meaningful content to auto-schedule once, or even multiple times fully in the cloud.

Plus, you can research hot topics or trending hashtags, comment on influencer’s posts to build relationships, research and auto-comment on multiple feeds, and more. Everything is 100% in TOS w/ Instagram and you’re in complete control.

Features & Benefits

  • 100% Handsfree Auto and Re-Scheduling of Posts
    Schedule your posts by the hour, day, month or year, with no 3rd party apps, desktop softwares, or browser extensions needed. (First ever to do this) Plus, you can choose to schedule the post multiple-times instead of just once!
  • Built-in Photo and VIDEO Editor
    Use the built-in editor so your videos are the right length to be posted to Instagram. Use your own or OTHER people’s videos from YouTube or Vimeo for an unlimited source of relevant, curated content.
  • Run Auto-Follow Campaigns
    Build a massive, relevant following by auto-following target users by hashtags or location.
  • Hashtag and Trending Topics Spy
    Tap into tidal traffic waves by finding the most relevant and viral hashtags to include in your scheduled posts.
  • Auto Commenting and Sharing
    Auto comment hands free on timeline feed images, popular feed images, relevant-viral posts, or on influencers posts hands-free. WOW
  • Auto-Liking & Influencer Search
    Build your following even FASTER by scheduling auto-liking campaigns to like relevant photos on autopilot.
  • Auto-direct messaging (Pro version)
    Yes, you can even schedule direct messages to go out to anyone in Instagram to build relationships and increase traffic.

How it works?

Watch the demo video below to see ConjureGram in action and have a look at its functionally and features.

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