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Best Yogurt Makers 2018 – Ultimate Buying Guide

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Do you like yogurt? Are you thinking about investing in a yogurt maker to make yummy desserts at home? If you answered “yes” to either or both of these questions, then you might want to look into a couple of good models for your next yogurt-making project. In this article, we’ll give you our top-five best yogurt maker brands, as well as ideas to consider when purchasing one, for your next yogurt-making project.

5 Best Yogurt Makers 

Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence

Not only does this latest model from Cuisinart make solid yogurt, but it also can be used to make other dairy products such as sorbet and ice cream. Besides making your favorite plain flavors like vanilla, this machine also comes with a large spout to easily add in other ingredients to spice things up!

I bought this machine and found it pretty straightforward to use. To be clear, however, you cannot immediately start using it right out of the box, as you will need to stick the drum bucket in the freezer overnight before use. Also, I did find the machine to be quite noisy as it was operating, but otherwise, I did end up with some good yogurt.


  • Versatile for making different dairy products (ice cream, yogurt, etc.)
  • Has a large ingredient spout to add new flavors and toppings in.
  • Stores up to 2 quarts of product. 


  • Requires some prep work before actual use.
  • Noisy when it operates.

Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker

Specially-designed for making yogurt, Euro Cuisine’s Yogurt Maker works with just about any ingredient to make different types of yogurt, from Greek to coconut and/or almond-based ones.

In addition, this yogurt maker comes with seven, 6-oz. glass containers to allow you to work with many different types at the same time, thereby cutting down time and energy. The jars are dishwasher safe as well.

For me, I appreciated the large collection of containers that I could use to make different sorts of yogurt simultaneously. However, I wished that the timer would automatically switch off the machine once it was done, instead of having to check when the light was flashing to manually turn it off.


  • Able to make many types of yogurt (e.g. plain, Greek).
  • Has seven containers to make different yogurts at once. 


  • Has a manual timer, instead of an automatic one; might be a problem if you forget to turn it off when it is done.

Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker

With a clever name and an easy, minimal design, Yogourmet’s yogurt maker can produce simple, but delicious yogurt by using its water bath system to cultivate the bacterial cultures.

It takes about 4 ½ hours to finish making 2 quarts of yogurt, which is not bad for the quantity described. All you would need to do is put it in the refrigerator, wait overnight to 24 hours, and take it out to be consumed!

After buying this item, I decided to try it out. I was impressed by its large size, as it can make two big batches of yogurt and/or other dairy products. It also comes with a cheesecloth, should you want to make cheese, too. However, I wish that it came with a timer and glass jars to store it in afterwards.


  • Makes a large quantity of yogurt, up to two batch sizes.
  • Takes less than 5 hours to finish making the yogurt.
  • Also can be used to make cheese.


  • Lots of guesswork since there is no glass lid to see if the yogurt is done. No timer as well.
  • Does not come with glass jars to store the product.

Dash Greek Yogurt Maker

Consisting of BPA-free buckets and a Greek strainer, Dash Greek yogurt maker is a good choice for making Greek yogurt at home.

Additionally, it comes with a LCD display, as well as an automatic timer that shuts off after it is finished. Its interior container can be easily transferred from machine to refrigerator afterwards, thus saving the time of having to put it in glass jars for storage.

Since I enjoy Greek yogurt, I was especially keen on purchasing the Dash Greek yogurt maker. I liked how it already came with a Greek strainer and some recipe ideas, so that was a plus. On the other hand, I found the Greek yogurt-making process to be very time-consuming, which isn’t the fault of the machine per say, but rather the long, extensive nature of making the product.


  • Comes with a Greek strainer, so you don’t need to go buy one.
  • Has an automatic timer that turns off on its own when it is done.
  • Easily-transferrable container from machine to fridge.


  • Container is not dishwasher safe.

Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker

This yogurt maker from Cuisinart can make up to 50 ounces (1.5 quarts) of yogurt or six, 8-ounce servings, at the same time. Its easy-to-use design starts and stops with just one push of a button.

Furthermore, it has an automatic cooling system that keeps the product cold, even long after it’s done being made. It will keep it at a steady temperature until you come to turn it off.

I purchased this yogurt maker and was immediately impressed by its easy, straightforward operation. I didn’t mind that it made 1.5 quarts at a time (vs. 2 quarts in others), but I didn’t like how the temperature kept fluctuating as it made the yogurt and that it was being made inside a plastic container (with high heat).


  • Easy-to-use design.
  • Has an automatic cooling system.


  • Temperature fluctuates as yogurt is being made.

Key points to consider when choosing the best yogurt maker

Before you go ahead and purchase the first yogurt maker that you find, take a step back and consider doing your research beforehand to determine just what is the best one for you. Not all of them operate in the same way, and so you will need to figure out which one will produce the best yogurt in terms of time, convenience, and price. Here are some factors to take a look at:

  1. Type of yogurt maker. Some yogurt makers make yogurt only while others can also whip up other dairy produce such as cream cheese, buttermilk, sour cream, and many more. You will need to ask yourself if you only want to make yogurt or try your hand at making other food items before you make the purchase.

In essence, consider the long-term and figure out if getting a yogurt maker will be cost-effective in the end, i.e. whether you will use it often or not.

  1. Size of pots and jars. Many, if not all, of the yogurt makers come with at least a good amount of different-sized pots for whipping up your yogurt. Some also might come with some jars to store your homemade treat in.

Since there are a variety of options to choose from, you will have to decide just how much yogurt you would like to make at a given time; if you are an avid consumer of yogurt, then buy bigger pots and jars to make and store it in, respectively. On the other hand, if you only occasionally eat yogurt, then getting smaller pots and jars are the way to go.

  1. Ease of use. Some yogurt makers are designed for convenience while others require a bit more effort from you to make it happen.

For instance, there are those aimed for beginners which come with an already-cultured package that, with just a bit of water, can be whipped inside the machine and produce delicious yogurt in no time.

On the other hand, others require what is known as a “hot-bath method,” in order to cultivate the bacteria cultures inside of the yogurt. It takes more time, but it produces high-quality yogurt thereafter. Hence, depending on whether you have the time and ability to make yogurt, figure out if you want an easy-to-use or a more complex yogurt maker.

  1. Type of timer. On average, yogurt takes about 8 to 10 hours to ferment before requiring a minimum of 12 hours in the refrigerator afterwards. To make sure that you do not over-ferment your yogurt (which becomes too acidic to eat), a timer is needed for doing so.

That said, decide whether you would like a timer that automatically turns off or one that simply flashes a light to indicate that it is done. If you tend to be on top of things, then either machine is a good choice; however, if you are too busy or often forget, then an automatic timer would be the best for you.

  1. Price. Some yogurt makers range from under $50 to over $200 depending on the brand and its quality. The most expensive machine does not necessarily mean that it is the best one, and in fact, you can get a solid one that can fit your budget. Shop around for a while before you decide; there is no rush to get the first yogurt maker you find at the store!


Healthy and delicious, yogurt is a good food item to consider making at home. By choosing and buying a solid yogurt maker, you can save on having to buy yogurt at the store, while also allowing you to customize it to your taste buds. Let’s get whipping!

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  • Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence

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