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3 Best Email Marketing Services

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The today’s business world is becoming competitive than ever before. People have come up with innovative marketing strategies in a bid to outshine their competitors. Email marketing is one of the marketing strategies being employed by many people.

Auto-responders are automatic emails sent to your subscribers that are triggered by a series of events that you determine. They are usually used to greet and welcome new subscribers, inform them about your new products or services or even remember them during their birthday. You simply set up the rules, write the message and relax as your auto-responder will contact your subscribers.

There are many autoresponders in the market and as a person keen on making your email marketing more successful, you need the best autoresponder. Apart from sending emails to your subscribers, the best email auto-responders have reporting tools to help you check how your email campaigns are fairing. This way, you can know where to improve and retool. The best autoresponder is the one that has features that perfectly fit your business and that come at a reasonable price.

When choosing a good email auto-responder, consider the software program’s usability and the additional features that it provides that can improve your email marketing campaigns. Although there are many companies offering email autoresponder services, the following stand out from the rest. You can trust any of them as your email marketing campaigns partner.



AWeber offers one of the best autoresponder tools in the industry. They allow you unlimited access to more than 600 available templates where you can pick the one that best matches your brand. Their auto-responders have been tested and approved by major email clients such as Gmail and Hotmail and this ensures that the auto emails in your subscribers’ inboxes have the correct appearance.

AWeber have a powerful tool that you can use to track the autoresponders that have been sent. Here, you can know the subscribers who got to open your messages, those who opened the links, revenues generated by the message and much more. Using their tools, you can even set the specific time that would like the email autoresponder to send the messages. As a businessperson, reaching out to your potential and existing customers is overly important. AWeber autoresponder tools allow you to keep all your subscribers informed without having to do much.



IContact provides other exceptional autoresponder tools trusted by many marketers. The messages sent have more personal touch as you can use mail merge technology to customize your email subject line or body with the name of each subscriber. These messages are more appealing and the probability of your subscribers opening them is very high. You can also publish your emails online so that visitors to your site as well your social media followers get to see your every content.

Just like other widely used autoresponders, iContact enables you to track statistics such as open rates and click rates. If you have a Premier Account, you have an option of performing split testing where your subscribers are sent two different versions of the same message. The results of the same enable you to evaluate the two versions and see the one which is more effective. You can use that information to improve on your campaigns. IContact autoresponders come with SpamCheck™ to ensure that your email messages are not received by your subscribers as spams.



Apart from offering high-quality email marketing solutions, GetRespomse also provides some of the best autoresponder tools in the market. Using these tools, you can schedule time or action-based messages in any criteria of your choice. Having been relieved with the task of sending emails, you can focus on important tasks.

GetResponse does not have a limit of the autoresponder messages you can send each day. With its clean interface, you can get all the information you want about the messages sent including valuable statistics that can give you insights into how your subscribers respond to your messages. GetResponse also allows you to rearrange the order of your autoresponders by simply dragging and dropping them in the positions you like and then duplicating your message with just a single click. Just like iContact, GetResponse has split testing functionality where you can understand the needs of your subscribers better.

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