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ASINSpector is a research tool which is used by Amazon sellers to analyse product opportunities with effectiveness. Even though it may be used for research opportunities of several business models, it usually aims at private label sellers.

The tool is usually installed as an extended Chrome browser and doesn’t work with any of the other browsers. The basic benefit of the browser extension is that it is very simple to access while researching. The ASINSpector icon is simply clicked while on any page of Amazon and it everything that needs to be known about the products on the page will be shown.

With ASINspector, you will be able to:

  • Estimate Monthly Revenue
  • Find Niche products quickly and easily
  • Know what your competition is doing volume wise instantly
  • Works in multiple countries
  • Find the product on other sources and compare such as Alibaba, Ebay (co,uk, ca, fr), Walmart, Target, Etc
  • Categories and Nodes where you will want your product coming up!
  • Graph with history pricing!
  • Easy to use with any screen size!
  • Extract your data to Excel/CSV, no limit to the amount you can extract!
  • Use the tool right from AMZ product page, category page and seller page
  • Allows you to alter the pricing to see how the numbers will change based on different scenarios!
  • Much, Much, More…

How it works?

Watch the demo video below to see ASINSpector in action and have a look at its functionally and features.

Features of ASINSpector

  • Estimate Monthly Revenue
    Since the ASINSpector tool provides data on Estimated Sales and Revenue, you will always be updated with relevant changes. You will be able to adjust your decisions based on the success rate of a particular product.
  • Works in multiple countries
    The ASINSpector tool works in multiple countries such as the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. It gives entrepreneurs and ecommerce businesses the opportunity to be more successful in their respective industries.
  • Gain knowledge about your competition
    You will have unlimited access to important information which your competitors do not have. As a result, you’ll be able to gain the upper hand by knowing exactly which products sell and those that don’t.
  • Compare products on different websites
    The best feature of ASINSpector is letting you compare prices on all ecommerce websites. It works on Amazon, Ebay, Target, Walmart, Alibaba, AliExpress and many others. Knowing the cheapest price you can get the products for will help you save time and money.
  • Find niche products efficiently
    ASINSpector provides you with relevant information to ensure the success of your business. You can easily compute and check whether a certain product is even worth investing in. With the help of its reliable statistics, you will be able to adjust your products accordingly.
  • Various Categories
    Depending on which specific factors you want to focus on, you can rely on ASINSpector to give you the information. It has various categories such as Brands, Rank, Estimated Sales, Estimated Revenue, Number of Reviews, Rating, and Price.
  • Extract data to CSV/Excel
    ASINSpector lets its users have the convenience of extracting their data into CSV or Excel. You wouldn’t have to manually input the data since it would automatically transfer it for you.

Features of ASINSpector Pro

  • Filter Results
    Unlike ASINSpector, the Pro version has the ability to filter results. Depending on your expected revenue, you can type it in the space provided above each category. For example, if you want to achieve $100 profit per month, it will show you all the products which will let you achieve that goal.
  • Keywords
    Being knowledgeable about the keywords of a product is very beneficial. It allows you to know which exact words people are using to search for the product. As a result, you’ll be able to incorporate those words into your business to make it more successful.
  • New Window Option
    The ASINSpector doesn’t have the feature to open a specific product on a new tab. This was added in the Pro version since a lot of people have requested for it. It helps you focus on a product you’re very interested in.
  • Delete Button
    If you feel that a certain product isn’t what you’re looking for, you can easily use the “X” button to delete it. This way, you’ll only be seeing products which you think are relevant to your needs.
  • Random Keyword
    This feature can be used using the light bulb icon on the bottom left hand side of the tool. It provides you random keywords which helps in expanding your niche.
  • Favorites
    This feature is only available in the Pro version. It saves data based on the most searched information you have inputted. It’s a convenient way to easily go back to a certain product which you have been studying or reviewing.
  • Google Trends
    Google Trends has always been very effective in ecommerce. It lets you know the current needs of the market. You’ll be able to adjust your products, pricing and strategies based on what your target audience requires.
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